Monday, September 1, 2008

Double knitting success

Well, here it is. I managed to double knit on my DIY loom. Yes it is really small and skinny, but I will be making a wider full-size scarf for my mom as soon as I get more yarn and finish my craftser swaps.

double knit

The blue and white was done with one peg spacers on both sides while the orange tighter knitted one was done on what is shown with only a bead spacer between the sides. I forgot to use an anchor yarn on the orange and it was difficult to pull out of the loom. Oops!

I will probably use long dowels instead of short pens when I make the wider scarf. I just wrapped more rubber bands around the horizontal pens to attach them to my existing round loom.

One note I should mention. The plastic bands I'm using, which were hair accessories, are starting to break when I try to reuse them. Seems they are only good for one use and then just snap. On the first use they are fine, but can't reuse. (Is this another modern example of "planned obsolesence" or disposable goods?) How weird. Anyway, I bought some actual "old-fashion" real rubber bands and will be trying them next time. They should hold up longer.

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