Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bear Hat on Bic Knitting Loom

Here is yet another hat. I didn't really intend on making this wearable (hence the size). This was just an experiment in decreasing stitches on my Bic pen loom creation. I have discovered that I can actually add and remove pegs from the loom while working, giving me the ability to increase/decrease stitches while knitting "in the round". I need to improve my placement of the decreases, but at least I figured out how to do it. I'm eventually aiming to make some contoured fingerless gloves and some socks to wear camping. I will need to use thinner pegs, though. I'm thinking BBQ skewers at the moment.

bear hat

bear hat

Here are close ups showing the decrease effect. Not the best placement.

bear hat

bear hat

Next I think I've found a way to double knit on it as well! I'll keep you posted on my success. :)


I did it! I figured out how to double-knit on my pen loom. Check it out here. I'm all ready to start making a double-knit scarf!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Knit Picking" or Pick Knitting

After trying the finger weaving, I started thinking about trying this knitting on other items. I found a pick and tried knitting on it. It was a little tight and the pick didn't have enough teeth for me.

pick knitting

So, I tried a fat comb. I really liked the results. I skipped every other tooth.

knit picking

Then, I tried other stitch combinations. Below are alternating rows of knit/purl, e wrap, rib, and seed..

alternating e wrap

rib seed


For my Halloween swap I used a metal dog comb to create a little pouch using cotton crochet string. I really like the texure of the pouch. Check it out here.

I also figured out a way to double-knit on this thing! It's really cool. Check out my double-knit here

Finger weaving/knitting

Below are some of my experiments with finger knitting. I wanted a wider result than I was getting with just five fingers, so I started using all ten. Finger weaving is really easy, quick and fun. Jeudi and I have been enjoying it. We will definitely be doing more of this in the future.

white finger weave scarf

red n gold finger weave scarf

Here are some pics Jeudi took of me working:

10 finger weave front

10 finger weave back

Adjustable Round Knitting Loom

I'm taking a short break from my can tabistry to share my new creation I'm rather proud of.

I've been try out some knitting with my daughter before she goes back to school. I came across a post on http://www.renaissancefestival.com/ about finger weaving (I'll post some of our finger weaving soon). Anyway, since then, we've been doing a lot of experimenting with loom knitting. Being a thrifty person, I was playing around with things arounds our house like combs and pencils. Finally, I've come up with a great new adjustable loom for knitting.

Here is Jeudi modeling her new hat while displaying our loom. I ran out at 32 pens. Have to wait to make a hat for myself until I can get more.

hat and loom


Makes a great duck beak, too!!

I used BIC stick pens, small rubber bands, and beads. It separates anywhere along the pegs and can be laid flat. When ever I need, I can add/subtract pegs really easily. No extra looms to carry or fancy tools necessary. I love it because I can just roll it up yarn attached and all and stuff it in a bag for long car rides.

BIC loom parts


Before the adjustable BIC loom, I had tried a pencil loom. I tried tying string to each pencil, but it took too long to put together and I couldn't make it smaller as easy. I made 2 hat/scarf sets for Jeudi's dolls.
pencil loom
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