Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finger weaving/knitting

Below are some of my experiments with finger knitting. I wanted a wider result than I was getting with just five fingers, so I started using all ten. Finger weaving is really easy, quick and fun. Jeudi and I have been enjoying it. We will definitely be doing more of this in the future.

white finger weave scarf

red n gold finger weave scarf

Here are some pics Jeudi took of me working:

10 finger weave front

10 finger weave back


  1. I just discovered your delightful blog! Really fun DIY projects. I do a lot of DIY crafts, just to see if it works. Question: How do you finger knit if you have all ten fingers wrapped with yarn??? Don't you need an extra finger and thumb? Do you have a tutorial anywhere? I love to try it. Thanks for the enjoyment. Ann Corbett

  2. Hi Ann! I'm always trying new DIY craft projects. I get a lot of inspiration online, so I want to pass some on, as well. To answe your question, I don't have a tute, but 10 fingers is just like 5, except that it must be wrapped loosely. That way you can reach over to knit off each finger using the thumbs and indexes of the opposite hand. You could always use someone else's hands :)

    Hope that helps. Good luck with giving it a try!


  3. Hi, Can you tell me how you did the ends with the strings? I can't figure that part out.

  4. Sure, Samantha. I did two different methods. First, for both, I cut a bunch of tassel strings about 8-10 inches long (maybe 20 or so strings?). You can wrap your yarn around a cd case or something and cut them all at once.

    Then, for the white scarf, I folded the strings into a loop, poked the loops through the scarf stitches at the end somewhere in the middle and poke my fingers through the loop holes and grab the fringe ends through the loop. This makes what I think is called a "Lark's Head Knot".

    For the red/yellow scarf, I didn't fold the strings in half. Just poked my fingers through the stitches at the end and grabbed the loose strings, pulling them through halfway. Then, tied another piece of string around the fringe, knotting it like a tassel.

    Hope this helps! Merry Christmas!


  5. Thank you! I made two scarves and I did pom poms on the end but I like what you did for those that are probably too old for pom poms.

  6. Can you really ever be too old for pom poms?! Hehe ;D

  7. how do you wrap the yarn twice around all ten fingers? i tried it and it didn't work.

  8. Anon, I think it's more wrapping in and out between, instead of around, each finger and go around the last to start the other side repeating until there are two strands on each finger. I think that would be 4 passes with the yarn.



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