Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Knit Picking" or Pick Knitting

After trying the finger weaving, I started thinking about trying this knitting on other items. I found a pick and tried knitting on it. It was a little tight and the pick didn't have enough teeth for me.

pick knitting

So, I tried a fat comb. I really liked the results. I skipped every other tooth.

knit picking

Then, I tried other stitch combinations. Below are alternating rows of knit/purl, e wrap, rib, and seed..

alternating e wrap

rib seed


For my Halloween swap I used a metal dog comb to create a little pouch using cotton crochet string. I really like the texure of the pouch. Check it out here.

I also figured out a way to double-knit on this thing! It's really cool. Check out my double-knit here


  1. absolutely LOVE the comb idea. Thanks for sharing the tip.


  2. Thanks, Heather. I just enjoy tinkering with things. I read on one of the Yahoo Groups on loom knitting the other day that someone went even further. They took one of the fat combs, melted the tips down to knobs and burned a channel into each tooth with a wood burner to make it easier to knit with. Now THAT is resourceful!



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