Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Thrift Store Score!!

Just had to share this cool gadget! I just bought a "Speedy Wool Winder" (yarn ball winder) like new in it's original box at our local thrift store for $1! My daughter and I are having a lot of fun winding up balls. It really is a handy item and so far great entertainment as well. With all the yarn I've been picking up everywhere, this ought to be put to good use.

I also scored a large jar of 1" wooden tassel beads! There are a LOT of bead in that jar!! I have no idea what I'm going to use this many for! Any suggestions would be great! Or, if any of you need some, I'm happy to swap. It was a great buy, and I needed some tassels for my belly dance belts. :) I want to hang them like tribal dancers wear from my belt.

My orignal mission was to pick up a Christmas tree stand to make one of those duct tape "body double" dress forms from a tutorial I found. I found one in great condition that ought to work perfectly. If I have any success, I'll be posting that and the tassels on my general craft blog.


  1. Hi Tiffany, I've recently made a pickupstix loom using your tutorial, thanks very much for putting the pdf up, my question is, how do I knit using it? Most tutorials on the web are for the round loom or the double knit, I'd just like a normal knit, really what I'm trying to do is knit 20cm by 20cm squares very quickly for blankets.

    Would you be able to guide me somewhere?

    Thanks very much

  2. Hello, Sharm. Congrats on making your loom! I'd be happy to help you out with using it. I think the best way to ask questions would be by email (located in my profile section). From your description, it sounds like you want to knit what are referred to as "flat panels".

    I know the pickup stick loom looks unusual being floppy and all, but knitting on a pickup stick loom is exactly like knitting on either a knitting RAKE, LOOM or BOARD. The stitches are pretty much the same (until you start double-knitting). When using your loom as a rake to make squares, you can use many different stitches including the common "knit stitch", "purl" and the "e-wrap".

    Isela Phelps (aka Purling Sprite) has wonderful videos and tutorials for loom knitting including one on flat panel knitting (on a round loom), which should be easily translated to a flat rake:

    She knits a bit differently than I do, but there are many way to experiment with. Just find what works best for you.

    When my loom is assembled "flat" like a knitting rake, the loom can get hard to hold when very long. You can roll the ends up like a scroll and secure with a rubberband while working, or add a ruler or other stiff object to the middle section like I did for my knitting board using some extra rubber bands. You could also just join the ends of the loom into a round loom and just NOT knit the piece in the round. You have many options.

    I'm hoping to get some tutorials made on using the DIY pickup stick loom. With my schedule as it is, look to see something after November.

    Enjoy your new loom!



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